Safety First

Safety Briefing

As you are most probably aware, riding trail bikes is a dangerous sport. To reduce the risk of injury, all riders, even the youngest riders, will need to complete and fully understand our on-site safety Induction, which educates the rider on everything to do with riding safely and sustainably at our Riding Park.

All riders under 18 years will need to be accompanied by a riding adult/guardian while at the park and during the induction process.

As the Induction process takes about 20 minutes, Inductions will be held at 8:45am, 10:00am, 11:00am & 1:00pm daily only.

Please download and read the General Rules before you come.

Safety Gear Requirements

All riders will need to wear the minimum of a helmet, gloves, goggles and proper off-road riding boots with a long sleeve shirt and durable pants. We recommend you always wear appropriate off-road riding gear at all times.

Most adult sized items can be hired from us, but you do need to book your size.

A full riding kit of helmet, goggles, gloves, off-road boots, full body armour, knee guards, pants and a jersey can be hired for $40 per day.

Individual items can be hired for $10 per day.

Bike Requirements

Your bike or quad will need to be in good mechanical condition and have suitable off-road tyres fitted.

We recommend your bike has bark busters or some form of hand guard. A spare tube and/or levers might be handy to bring along as well.

Don’t forget your fuel!

Hire Bikes are not available.